About us

NS BIKE is a very attractive tourist offer in Novi Sad. Locals as well as tourists can rent a bicycle at an affordable price. Many visitors therefore opt for a bicycle when exploring the city, its parks and museums.

In the streets, both in our country and around the world, there are more recreational cyclists every day, using this rewarding means of transportation not only in their spare time, but as the only possibility to reach their destination in time. In addition to being practical (the cheapest means of transport), cycling is very healthy, and pedaling early in the morning (before work) is certainly a good way to wake up and return to form.

Bicycles can be rented at eleven locations: next to SPENS, by main entrance at"Štrand", on Railway station, near Serbian National Theater, in University Campus, in Rumenačka Street, Jovan Dučić Street, Balzak street, at the corner of Podgoricka and Narodnog fronta streets, in the Preradoviceva street at Petrovaradin and Belgrade Quay near Marka Miljanova Street. (map of stations). In 2013. season, NS bike system is fully automated. It is foreseen that a user rents a bike, transports to the desired destination and then brings it back to the nearest station.