We inform users that this year's bicycle rental season ends on Saturday, December 2, 2017. In gratitude, users will be free to rent bicycles on Friday, December 1st. The new bicycle rental season starts in the spring of 2018.


Novi Sad and NS Bike

Given the negative consequences of climate change and increasingly alarming situation in the world in this area, the struggle for a healthy environment and responsible environmental policies are defined as priority tasks of the city government in Novi Sad. The campaign "Let's give Novi Sad back to cyclists" was launched in 2009 at the initiative in order to promote the bicycle as a mode of transportation whose massive use would contribute to the reduction of pollution and traffic jams.

In support of this infrastructure, in the last two years PUC "Parking Servis" has built and arranged safe parking places for bicycles, with over 500 parking spaces at various locations in the city. In order to make Novi Sad even more accessible to cycling, in future intensive work will be put into the marking and construction of bike trails and the removal of vehicles from the area intended for cyclists. Part of the plan is to increase the number of places for parking and locking of bicycles, increase the number of available bikes and open new rental stations for bikes.


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